calathea ornata pinstripe (Peacock Plant)


Calathea Ornata Pinstripe regularly called the Peacock plant by its look, Its give elegance for your interior, A Beautiful plant with Low Maintenance wonderful combination by worldwide darling in the indoor plant scene attributable to his delightful foliage including gleaming green leaves with substituting stripes.

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Plant Specifications

Name : Calathea Ornata pinstripe ( Peacock Plant)
Height of Plant : 8” (20 cms)
Height is for indicative purpose only, might vary.

Package Includes
One Peacock Plant in Thermoplast pot
One White Color Designer Pot
Calathea Ornata Pinstripe Instructions & Care
  • calathea ornata pinstripe  should be kept indoors with Bright Light (Aviod Direct Sun Light)
  • Make sure the potting mix has well drainage, aeration & porosity
  • Watering should be done when top most layer of soil is dry.
  • Water the plant 2-3 times per week in winter/rainy season and daily in summer.
  • Plants can absorb nutrients and moisture easily by making top layer of soil loose.
  • Cocopeat, soil and compost should be used when you repot the plant.
  • Never repot the plant immediately after buying.
  • Calathea Ornata pinstripe ( Peacock Plant) is Best Air purifying plant with Elegant Look for your Interior Decor



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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 50 cm


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