Crassula Hobbit Jade


Crassula hobbit jade Succulent plant from Jade Family, Its also Called as Crassula Fingers, Crassula Hobbit, Its Small Busy plant with Alien Fingers look.

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Crassula hobbit jade Plant Specifications

Name : Crassula Hobbit Jade or Crassula Fingers Succulent
Height of Plant : 5″ (12 cms)
Height is for indicative purpose only, might vary.

Package Includes:
  1. Crassula Hobbit Plant
  2. One White color Metal Planter as Shown on Image
  3. soilmix
Instructions & Care
  • Place Crasuula Hobbit indoors with bright sunlight.
  • Well drainage loose soil should be used for potting the plant.
  • Water the plant often with little amount of water, over watering might lead to rot. Soil should not feel dry.
  • Crassula Fingers is a bushy plant, you can also grow them in small pots.
  • As this is small plant, keep it between other plants else it might feel isolated.
  • Repotting can be done once for 3 years.
  • One part of cocopeat, one part of soil and other part of perlite is good for potting mix.
  • Never repot right away after receiving the plant, give some time to adjust.


Red Color Pot

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