Crassula Ovata Plant (Classic Jade)


Crassula Ovata Jade Plant is often referred as Good luck plant, Money plant and even friendship symbol. We doesn’t ensure the luck and money but it will definitely charm your Table top.

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Plant Specifications

Name : Crassula ovata jade plant
Height of Plant : 12″ (30 cms)
Height is for indicative purpose only, might vary.

Package Includes
One Crassula Jade Plant in Thermoplastic pot
One White color Designer Pot

Instructions & Care

  • Plant needs plenty of sun light, place at window for better growth.
  • Gritty soil with good drainage should be used, which is suitable for succulents.
  • Water when soil becomes dry, over watering may lead to root rotting.
  • Crassula Ovata will be quite happy when you keep it in humid climate.
  • You can propagate Crassula ovata by cutting a leaf or stem and place in soil mix.
  • Repot when the plant over-grows the pot. Take a heavy pot as jade plant is heavy at top.
  • Some pets are allergetic to Crassula Ovata, better keep them away.


  • Crassula Ovata is often believed as good luck plant or money plant. It can be made to Bonsai plant & also air purifying plant.
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Crassula Ovata Jade plant FAQ’s?


Where can we place the Crassula ovata jade plant?

Jade Plant can grow indoors or outdoors. In indoors should be kept in direct sun light whereas in out doors it should kept atleast 4 hours in direct sunlight

How to water the Crassula Ovata?

You can water the Crassula Ovata when the soil is dry. Ensure you are not over watering, it might lead to root rotting.

Upto how much height a Crassula Ovata can grow?

Crassula Ovata can grow upto 3ft height even lower, as it is best to make bonsai.

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