Ficus Bonsai Plant


Ficus Bonsai Plant, commonly known as the Ginseng Ficus, they are a great entry level bonsai style to begin, it look Elegant with its Unique curved trunk with dark green oval shaped Leaves, Japanese art form of growing trees as miniature version. The ideal bonsai companion, ficus are very easy to maintain and care, no need of any special attention or care to maintain the ficus Bonsai Plant.


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Ficus Bonsai Plant Specifications

Name : Ficus Microcarpa, Weeping Fig, Ficus Tree
Height of Plant : 14-16”
Height is for indicative purpose only, might vary.

Package Includes
One Ficus Bonsai in Thermoplastic pot
One Eco Friendly Porcine Pot
Instructions & Care
  • Ficus can be grow easily indoor or outdoors
  • Make sure the potting mix has well drainage, aeration & porosity
  • Watering should be done when top most layer of soil is dry.
  • Water the plant Sock and Dry Method once completely dry water it again
  • Plants can absorb nutrients and moisture easily by making top layer of soil loose.
  • Cocopeat, Perlite, soil and compost should be used when you repot the plant.
  • Never repot the plant immediately after buying.
  • Microcarpa Bonsai Plant is best Buddy for Bonsai Lovers.  it a brilliant center piece for your living room or side table. Plant them in shallow but wide pots to show if its magnificent stem and roots.

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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 50 cm


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