Monstera Deliciosa Plant


Monstera Deliciosa Plant the King of House Decors, You may Notices thousands of Home stylistic Pictures in Daily Browsing via online media, without Monstera Deliciosa or the Swiss Cheese Plant we can’t Imagine home decor plants.

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Plant Specifications

Name : Monstera Deliciosa Plant (Swiss cheese plant)
Height of Plant : 14” (36 cms)
Height is for indicative purpose only, might vary.

Package Includes
One Monstera Deliciosa
One Pot
Instructions & Care
  • Monstera deliciousa Plant is indoor/outdoor plant which require indirect bright sunlight,
  • Can also expose to direct morning sunlight. If kept in hot sun foliage may damage.
  • Soil mix should be nutrient rich with good drainage, aeration and porosity
  • Water Monstera desliciousa with plenty amount, until drains from the hole
  • Slightly toxic to pets and humans.
  • As they like to vineup give them a support.
  • They can outgrow into big trees, you can prune them or cut the stems into a vase it definitely add beauty.
  • If kept in sun light, leaves might turn to yellow.
  • Monstera Deliciosa Plant gives elegant look to your home/office and is a NASA certified natural air purifying plant.
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Monstera Deliciosa Plant FAQ’s

Where can we place the plant?

Monstera Deliciousa can grow indoors or outdoors. It will need some support as it likes to climb.

How to water Monstera deliciousa?

You can water the plant when the soil is moist, it needs plenty amount until excess water drains from the hole.

Upto how much height it can grow?

Monstera Deliciuosa can outgrow the pot and become a tree if given lot of light and feed. prune the stems and add to vase, it will increase the beauty of the room.


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