ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)


The ZZ Plant is one of the extremely mainstream foliage plants utilized in homes and workplaces around the globe for its little shiny leaves and simple support. ZZ plant is practically difficult to execute.

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Name : Zamia Zz Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)
Height of Plant : 12” (30 cms)
Height is for indicative purpose only, might vary.

Package Includes
One Zamia Zz Plant in Thermoplastic pot
One White color Designer Pot
Instructions & Care
  • Zamia Zz Plant is an indoor plant but need indirect sun light, if not provided enough light leaves will turn green.
  • ZZ plant is very easy to handle and doesn’t  need any special soil mix. Any type of well drained soil mix can go.
  • No need to water regularly, it can store water in rhizomes and can do well even in droughts.
  • Feed with houseplant fertilizer  once a month
  • It might be poisonous to your pets, wash your hands after handling them to avoid irritation.
  • Frequent repotting is not needed, as this will grow very slowly.
  • Only repot the plant after it gets adjusted to the new climate.
Zamia Zz Plant Uses
  • ZZ Plant is a very friendly plant for beginners. It is the top most NASA certified air purifying plant.

monstera deliciosa plant


Where can we place the ZZ plant?

ZZ plant can grow indoors with indirect bright sunlight, if not leaves will turn to green.

How to water the ZZ plant?

ZZ plant is very beginner friendly plant, its okay even if you forget to water plant can survive even in droughts.

Upto how much height ZZ plant can grow?

ZZ Plant usually grows very slowly in height, prune the plant when outgrows.


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